SHAREit for Windows PC – Download From here

Shareit is an application where the app allows you transfer the media files with super fast speed and allows you to share them more than one device at a time. So far, the app was only dedicated to the mobile platforms and hereafter, Shareit for PC is also available.

This means, you can connect the app to your computer and transfer the files you want from the PC to the mobile platforms that you want. And, since there are no restrictions, you can use the app to share all the files you want. This list includes various files like music, photos, files, folders, movies, documents etc. If you are using this already, then you do not need any kind of cable or drive to share the files.

Shareit works on the PC the same way it works on the mobile phone platforms. There won’t be any much of a difference. The app works with the privacy and security on the PC as well. The files that you transfer get transferred right into your devices and hence there is security promised.

Since you are using the app for PC, you don’t have to use it for Bluetooth. If you are using Shareit on the PC, you have no reason to connect any other app or cable to the PC to share the files you want. This is also a time saver for you.

So, let us begin. Before we start off, there is an important note that we have to notice. If you want to connect it to the computer, the PC must be having version 4.0 or even above. So, please make sure you download the latest version from

  • It is the world’s fastest cross-platform file transfer tool.
  • It can,Share all kinds of files irrespective of the location and device.
  • The speed is 200 times more than Bluetooth while transferring.
  • There is no need of USB and no data charge. Also, no need to bother about the internet speed.
  • It supports on various platforms like Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows and Mac.
  • It has got more than 600 Million users from 200 countries.
  • There is no restriction to connect with the networks. You can share the files whenever you want.
  • It is very faster than Bluetooth, and the speed of transfer goes up to 20M/s. You can transfer the original files without losing the quality of the files while transferring.
  • Cross-platform transferring

The cross-platform sharing for the devices like phones, computers, tables on the platforms like Android, iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP or 7 or even 8, anywhere. The app is supported on all these platforms.

You can view the files on the PC after the transfer. You can listen to the music on the computer after transferring them from your device to the PC or from PC to the smartphone.


The Lenovo made app has got something new called Share Zone where you can connect with the friends you can and select anything you like from the friends you use.We hope you liked the article that explains about this amazing app. Let us know in the comments section below about your choices and the experience while using the app.

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