Download SHAREit for Android – V3.7.8 {Latest}

As we all know, Shareit is an application where you can transfer the different files between two devices at a super fast speed. This doesn’t need internet connection to transfer the files you want. Using this app, you can transfer any kind of file you want. This nlcudes various files like music, photos, files, folders, documents, etc. If you are using this, you do not need any cable or drive in order to send or receive Megabytes or even gigabytes of data.

Shareit Apk

The way this works is very simple. If two devices are installed this app, then you have to turn the app on in both the devices and it works just like Bluetooth to transfer the files. The app works with the privacy and security and the files that you use for the transfer are stored right into your devices.

It doesn’t’ matter if you are using Bluetooth. If you are using Shareit, it is better than Bluetooth considering the speed it takes to transfer the files. It can share the files faster than Bluetooth. It connects the devices quick and accurate. This means you will be saving more time and there is no need for you to pair the devices every other time you want to use Bluetooth.

The app SHAREit has got a simple and basic interface that can be used and understood by anyone easily. It doesn’t have too many options, but that is all. It doesn’t require many options anyway. The most important thing about ths app is that it can serve its main purpose, sharing the files at swift speeds. And, one of the biggest plus about this app is that it is completely free and you do not have to pay a penny to download or to use it. The methods to use it are very simple and they can be used in different platforms. Bluetooth is not at all necessary if you are using Share it for android app. Irrespective of the platforms where your mobile is placed, you can use it. Also, thorough this app, you can send multiple files at a time up to five people, which means, you can send up to five devices at a time. Pairing is totally eliminated, as the app automatically searches and finds the devices in its range.

These are the details of the app:

Version: 3.7.8_wwa 
Requirements: Android 2.2.x Or Higher
Size: 5.4 MB 
Downloads: 1204803
Category: Utility 
Updated: 2017-01-16
Licence: Free

There is a negative about the app thought. Shareit sometimes comes with various ads, but it is quite understandable of having this in mind that the application is totally free of cost. Also, the person that is receiving the files should be in a close range in order to get detected by the application. This is how Shareit have some cons, but they do not matter when it comes to sharing the devices. Like we said above, it works totally fine on any platform and thus you can share the files extensively and easily.

SHAREit on Windows Phone – Download from Here

SHAREit for Windows Phone gives you a chance to exchange documents from various gadgets like telephones, tablets, and PCs. Utilizing direct Wi-Fi associations, SHAREit can send documents, photographs, recordings, and applications starting with one gadget then onto the next.

SHAREit download for windows phone is a program revered by numerous. When we require however much access to quick document sharing advances as could be expected, the larger part of existing arrangements have disappointed clients, except for SHAREit. This application was planned by Lenovo, yet is accessible to everybody by means of free download. It additionally offers a few things couple of other comparable projects do – free administration and included usefulness. Taking installments for record sharing administrations is a precarious business in a market that the entire world partakes in, however giving free administration to everybody has supported SHAREit’s prominence to extraordinary statures, adding up to a few hundred million downloads on specific stages alone. Be that as it may, these clients would not stay with the program in the event that it didn’t have the numerous valuable capacities it does. Underneath, you will discover a rundown of SHAREit`s most prominent highlights.

Send photographs, recordings, applications, and that’s just the beginning

The center element of SHAREit is exchanging documents between individuals without using distributed storage. You can share photographs, recordings, neighborhood music documents, reports, and applications starting with one gadget then onto the next. It doesn’t make a difference what stage you’re utilizing on the grounds that SHAREit just speaks with other SHAREit-empowered gadgets.

It doesn’t exchange information over a general Wi-Fi association or Bluetooth. Rather, it makes an immediate remote association with up to five gadgets like a little system. When associated with another gadget, records can be sent and got. You can likewise clone a gadget and send its substance to another gadget.

The best piece of SHAREit is that it’s multiplatform, including Windows PC.

The Clients of the Windows Phone have added SHAREit recently like PC clients, Android clients, and so forth. By making the program open on all stages, Lenovo has made an extremely flexible device for widespread correspondence and sharing. Windows Phone is a working framework known for specific peculiarities and restrictions, yet the individuals who download the application can see with their own eyes how easily it runs and connects with different gadgets. Donning a straightforward yet exhaustive interface, download SHAREit for Windows Phone is anything but difficult to utilize, and its light weight (memory utilization) keeps it from loading a gadget excessively.

Best SHARE-IT highlights:

  • Connection between telephones, PC’s, portable PCs, tablets, and other perfect gadgets
  • High-speed exchanges far outmatching Bluetooth
  • Remote control capacities, for example, seeing your PC’s photographs, playing music through cell phone
  • File reinforcements to clear memory and avoid undesirable misfortune
  • Group record sharing and talk
  • Support for many document sorts

Setup of SHAREit is genuinely clear on a Windows Phone. To begin with, you should locate a trusted SHAREit Windows Phone download option, tap the connection, and hold up until the download finishes. After this, the application will pop up on your mobile and you will get the chance to open it. Enrollment, customization, and usage will take after. The latest version Shareit has got a straightforward interface, you can effectively discover gadgets to associate with, including those closest to you and those you need to target. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you encounter any troubles with the application, you can simply look at the various aides and bolster capacities advertised.


SHAREit Download – Android/ Windows PC/ iOS/ Windows Phone

With SHAREit – Connect and Transfer you can without much of a stretch exchange documents between two gadgets, autonomously of the working framework they utilize. This implies you can send documents from your Android to an iPhone, iPad, and even to a Windows PC. You can likewise make bunches so you can exchange a document to various clients in the meantime.

The things you can impart to Shareit app download, you have to extend from the most well-known ones (pictures, recordings, sound documents) to others like address books, entire applications, and fundamentally whatever other record that you have on your gadget’s memory.

SHAREit Download

SHAREit free download

Connect and Transfer is an application that gives you a chance to make super quick exchanges between a wide range of gadgets. The main thing you require is to introduce this application on the two closures, the gadget with the record you need to send, and the one where you need to get it.

Shareit app free download enables you to share photographs, records and organizer with everybody utilizing a similar Wi-Fi association or by the utilization of Bluetooth either freely where everybody can see the documents you are sharing, or secretly where just particular individuals can see your mutual records, and by so enabling them to download and remark on each record that is being shared, likewise once you open Share it will consequently make you your own Wi-Fi site where you can download records that you and other individuals are sharing.

Download Shareit app

Suppose you saw something clever and you took a photo of it and you need to share that photo, thus here where Shareit download free comes set up to enable you to impart this photograph to everybody and furthermore enable them to compose remarks on that photo and offer them, or suppose you have a record or even an envelope that you need to impart to your schoolmates so you simply transfer it on your application and now everybody will have the capacity to download that document from you either by utilizing the application itself or by utilizing the webpage that the application has made for you or for them (in the event that they are utilizing the application on their gadget) and download it from that point .

How does Share it functions on PC?

When you open your Shareit download for PC, you will see the Shared tab which contains the majority of the records that are shared by everybody and here you can download and remark (everybody can see your remarks) on each document.

In the File Selector tab you can choose any record or envelope that you need to share and once you settle on your decision Shareit for Windows application will consequently share the documents that you have picked.

The My Files tab gives you a chance to deal with your current shared documents so you can expel, remark or set the protection of you shared records.

The My downloads tab enables you to open or erase the records that you downloaded.

To utilize your own site you simply sort the address that the application gives you in your Internet program and there you can download your own particular documents or records shared by others.

For the situation on a not existing Wi-Fi association the application will consequently utilize Bluetooth (it is accessible)

Why Share it?

  • A simple and a quick approach to share records with proper organizing.
  • The capacity to download records from everybody and transfer documents to anybody and everybody.
  • The capacity to remark on every last document that is shared by anyone.
  • The capacity to copy records to your PC by utilizing the address given by your application.
  • The capacity to utilize Bluetooth on account of existing Wi-Fi association.

You can download Shareit for android as well. You can also download the app with Android Package, Shareit apk. Let us know in the comments section about your opinions.

SHAREit for Windows PC – Download From here

Shareit is an application where the app allows you transfer the media files with super fast speed and allows you to share them more than one device at a time. So far, the app was only dedicated to the mobile platforms and hereafter, Shareit for PC is also available.

This means, you can connect the app to your computer and transfer the files you want from the PC to the mobile platforms that you want. And, since there are no restrictions, you can use the app to share all the files you want. This list includes various files like music, photos, files, folders, movies, documents etc. If you are using this already, then you do not need any kind of cable or drive to share the files.